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Building the Internet Of Things
Smart Gas Altert System

Domestic accidents caused due to combustible gas, such LPG gas leakage from storage cylinders are very common now days. To avoid such accidents, there is a need to provide a system which will prevent the leakage of the gas and further remind about the refilling of the gas.


To overcome this problem snatch theft needs instant attention at the time of such incidence. Hence such device conceived which prevent Snatch theft.


Therefore, there is a need to provide a innovative helmet which overcomes all the drawbacks of the existing helmets, so here we have with new beginning of helmets.

Real Time Aircraft surveillance System

Therefore, there is need to provide an alternative system, which will overcome all the drawbacks of the above mentioned and existing general tracking systems, and which does not interfere with the internal assembly of the aircraft.

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Our role is to act as an innovation facilitator to the youth by guiding the participants through the pragmatic and meticulous planning.
We are aimed at nurturing the creative and pioneering R & D activities to explore & develop innovative products.

REGENT R&D Technologies - is Research and development organization in India whose core works for promoting research in Science and Technology area. We are engaged in working in different client-oriented projects throughout the year. Our Business align-ed and comprises with next gen innovative products. We accept external Customer based/Tailored research projects from national and international public and private organizations. We always honour TOP minds,Creativity,Innovations and facilitates the work that helps to brings and promote public inventions and discovery into commercial segment as outcome productivity. Our role as a facilitator is to guide the participants through the pragmatic and meticulous steps. We support and provide end to end opportunity by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision and industry exposure. Regent R&D T provides both quantitative and qualitative researches. Our Research and development centre effort caters into all R&D work.Our role is to act as an innovation facilitator to the youth by guiding the participants through the pragmatic and meticulous planning We support and provide end to end opportunity i.e mentoring, supervising for respective industry exposure.

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OUR Research Team

It takes a lot of people to make a winning team. Everybody's contribution is important.
Krishnakant Raskar
Mr. Krishnakant Raskar is a chairman & visionary of Regent R & D Technology Pvt Ltd.
Amol Kore
Mr. Amol Kore is Co-Founder, Director and Research Inventor at Regent R&D Technologiess Pvt Ltd
Ketan Rathod
Electronics Engineer
Ketan is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and he works as Embedded Software Developer in our organization.
Rajashri shevale
Electronics Engineer
Rajashri is Electronics Engineer and works as Hardware Design Engineer in our organization.
Trainee Engineer
Amol is an Web App Development Engineer and works on PHP and AJAX for company projects.
Nishith Shetty
Trainee Engineer
Nishith is a mobile development Engineer and works on UI/UX for android applications
Sadique Shaikh
Trainee Electronics Engineer
Sadique is a Electronics and telecommunication Engineer and works on product research and development.

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